Individual sessions are available to members on a sliding scale, starting at 30€ an hour, (60€ for non-members) and based on personal income. My approach to therapy is holistic. We are composed of a body, mind and spirit; each of those elements must be in balance to live a harmonious life. I draw from my studies in psychology, Jungian psychotherapy and shamanism as we strive to discern the archetypal patterns playing out in your life, delivering them meaning and arriving at solutions. As an artist myself, I offer empathy and guidance on issues encompassing the artistic lifestyle. 


The session begins with a reading which opens up the topic for the evening and is followed by individual sharing. Members sign a confidentiality/non-discrimination agreement upon membership to ensure the privacy and respect of all. There is no pressure to share. Sometimes it is enough to hear what others are going through to recognise that you are not alone. Group therapy has demonstrated a sense of shared experience and support that is frequently more effective at relieving depression and anxiety than individual therapy. Group sessions end with a guided meditation and intention setting exercise followed by drinks and a chance to connect with other members. 


Membership is 40€ a month and includes:

Weekly drop-in group sessions for members ONLY

Individual  sessions starting at 30€ an hour for members, charged on a sliding scale according to income

Community newsletter and gatherings designed to inspire and support members, like our matcha mornings, film and music nights and sound baths.